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Class Descriptions


TIAC provides a Cechetti based ballet syllabus for each level. Our pre-school program is designed to teach the ballet basics plus other hand eye coordination and motor skills to each student in a fun, energetic, and relaxed atmosphere. At the beginner levels is where we start focusing on the vocabulary, proper placement, and body awareness. Intermediate levels are where we begin to incorporate the basic movements and steps into combinations and developing into stronger dancers. At this level, we also focus on dancer health, dance history, and beginning choreography. The advanced level of our program is an intense focus on technique combinations, stamina, and strength.


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

TIAC is uniquely one of the few studios in the area to offer PBT in their dance training, with three of our faculty being certified teachers of the technique. PBT is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. One of the most important elements used in the PBT method is muscle memory which helps to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. PBT classes are used alongside our ballet classes to enhance training and engagement.

Contemporary/Modern Technique

We offer beginner though advanced level contemporary classes. Contemporary is an expressive form of dance in which we explore the movement of the body and the expression of emotion through dance and the elements around us. This class puts an emphasis on spatial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, efficiency of muscle usage, safe body alignment, and knowledge of anatomy. By not teaching one specific modern technique, we aim to educate our students on multiple professional techniques, the history of modern, and also encourage them to express their own creativity and grow their movement vocabulary through the use of improvisation.


Jazz is a rhythmic and upbeat style of dance. It focuses on isolations of the body, proper alignment, leaps, turns, and rhythmic aspects of dancing. We range in style of classical jazz, contemporary-jazz, commercial jazz, and jazz funk.


Tap is a form of dance that uses the shoe, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument. Students will learn both rhythm tap (focuses more on music and rhythms) and Broadway tap (focuses more on performance tap), as well as musicality and timing. Tap is a great class for teaching students to stay grounded and connected to the floor while also encouraging quick foot work and weight changes.

Hip Hop Foundations

Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to Hip Hop music or that have evolved as part of Hip Hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles including the basics of Breaking, Locking, and Popping which were created in the 1970s. One of our main focuses in style is Dance Industry, Commercial/New Style, and Lyrical Hip Hop. This is what you see in music videos, concerts and shows like So You Think You Can Dance. These styles are diverse and infuse other styles of dance including contemporary, lyrical, and jazz. Most new styles have infused urban party dancing with studio technique. They involve a lot of footwork, radical movement, and emphasis placed on musicality. Freestyle is still very important with every style of Hip Hop. Traditionally, Hip Hop dance, or any form of street dance, is not performed to counts as these styles were created on the street rather that in a studio setting. With the new styles, counting is sometimes used in class and we inform our students of Hip Hop dance history.


Acro is a fusion of the artistic motion and technique of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. It is important to note that Acro is not the same as gymnastics and there is a need to teach Acro skills differently than Gymnastic skills. Dance training is essential for Acro. In gymnastics training, dance is secondary but in Acro, skills are expected to seamlessly be incorporated in dance. The classes include many strength and flexibility drills to allow our students to perform skills safely and correctly. Flexibility is extremely important for Acro, for example contortion skills include: chest stands, scorpions, and rolling tinsicas. Students will learn skills such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and handsprings.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater dance is a theatrical dance style that includes dancing and acting to songs from Broadway musicals. Students will learn basics of acting, character development while dancing, and using movement to tell a story.

Horton Technique 

Horton technique, a sub genre of modern dance, emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable unrestricted, dramatic freedom of expression.

Leaps and Turns

Leaps and Turns class is intended to improve various leaps and turns, as well as learn new and creative techniques. In this class, dancers will work on strength and conditioning for leaps and turns, focus on technical execution, and also push themselves to learn new things.

Dance Composition and Improvisation

Dancers will explore their creativity in a class designed to guide them through the choreographic process! Through guided improvisation and other techniques, dancers will create their own choreography in solo studies and with groups. The first half of the year will focus on creating choreography for film with a film project in December and the second half will focus on creating choreography for the stage, ending with a dance in the recital. This class is intended for dancers ages 13 and up with previous dance experience. 

Preschool Combo Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Preschool Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo class is a wonderful introduction to the world of dance for young children. These classes are designed to provide a fun and engaging experience that helps children develop basic dance skills, improve coordination, and foster a love for movement and music. These classes also emphasize creative expression, using their imagination, and are a great way to develop social skills through interaction and cooperation with peers. Our instructors tailor the class to the needs and abilities of young children by using age appropriate terminology and teaching methods to keep the classes fun and educational. Watch your dancers blossom and gain in boost their confidence in this exciting and engaging class! Please note that dancers will perform in two recital dances. 

Preschool Combo Hip Hop/Tumbling

Preschool Hip Hop/Tumbling Combo class is an exciting and energetic program designed to introduce young children to the world of dance, rhythm, and basic acrobatic movements. Enrolling your dancers in this class will help them improve their coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength while also promoting physical fitness and enhancing confidence and social skills. Our instructors tailor the class to the needs and abilities of young children by using age appropriate terminology and teaching methods to keep the classes fun and educational. Watch your dancer blossom and boost their confidence in this exciting and engaging class!

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